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The Comprehensive Guide to Capri

The Comprehensive Guide to Capri

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Six Chapters, 72 Pages – The Little (Digital) Black Book of Capri, Italy 

~Best enjoyed when downloaded on desktop or an iPad~

(Capri is the place that turned me into me. I spent a month, every summer, in Capri, for 12 years. And, I made local Caprese friends who have further allowed me to know and love their island like a local. I'm the luckiest, I know. I will be there in June, as always – I hope to see you there one day)

The Basics
⁃ When to visit
⁃ Capri glossary of terms
⁃ Getting to Capri
⁃ A note on day trips
⁃ Hotels vs. villas vs. airbnbs
⁃ A prospective on the prices
⁃ Capri pronunciation 101

The Hotels
⁃ Pro’s, cons, favorite rooms and a line that sums up the hotel (a page per hotel)
⁃ 4 pictures of each hotel
⁃ Twelve 5-star hotels (all the 5 star hotels)
⁃ Seven 4-star hotels
⁃ A short blurb on each the eight remaining 4-star hotels
⁃ A short blurb on the three 3-star hotels worth mentioning

The Villas (only jaw-dropping villas made the cut)
⁃ 5 bucket-list villas
⁃ 4 pictures of each villa
⁃ Description of each
⁃ How many beds, baths, people can sleep
⁃ Where/how to book

The Restaurants (my favorites, and those of note)
⁃ 12 restaurants with descriptions (a page per restaurant)
⁃ The best place to sit
⁃ When to go
⁃ Honest thoughts on food, and what food the restaurants are known for

The Beach Clubs (my top recommendations)
⁃ 6 beach clubs (a page per beach club)
⁃ Description, including what it’s best for
⁃ Where each is located, and how to get there
⁃ Any tips on reservations and pricing, when applicable
⁃ Notes on food, and recommendations, when applicable

The Activities
⁃ 9 bars and what they’re great for and any tips
⁃ 4 nightclubs with tips (including one brand new one to open this summer)
⁃ 9+ stores, including where to get the best Capri sandals, of course
⁃ 11 recommendations for sightseeing and tips for each
⁃ A guide to the best 4 hikes on Capri, written by Stefanie, my best friend from Capri
⁃ 8 suggestions for day trips from Capri

*Because this is a large file, it's best to download on your computer instead of phone

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